Located in Springfield, Illinois, Pinmyst Studios offers professional photography services for personal and commercial uses.  Whether you are a designer looking for custom or stock images, a model looking for portfolio development or enhancement or someone who just needs a good quality photo or print, we are here to help.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography falls into two categories: stock and custom. Pinmyst Studios offers both.

Stock photography is imagery that can be utilized to help tell a story or convey a message at a relatively lower price point.  It can be plain and simple or it can be elaborate and intricate.  It can be a single design element or it can convey an entire concept.  It has varied commercial uses and comes to life in the hands of talented, creative professionals.  Through our exclusive agent, Getty Images, we offer our stock photos at a variety of price points with varying license options ranging from royalty free to rights managed.  End users can therefore choose the images that meet their unique requirements.

Most of our royalty free stock photos can be found for sale at Istockphoto, a division of Getty Images.  Using this link, you can SIGN UP on Istockphoto and receive free credits to download images.  Some of our other royalty free stock photos can be found at Getty Images directly.  We have some rights managed work located at Getty Images as well.

Royalty free stock is imagery offered for a low cost, one-time licensing fee for certain uses as outlined within the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).  It is often far less expensive than custom work, because there is no element of exclusivity.  Rights managed stock is slightly more expensive because the end user is purchasing limited exclusivity — generally a right to use the image exclusively for a certain time period and/or in a certain manner.  Samples of how people have used our stock images can be found on our Images in Action page.

Custom Photography

Custom images are created specifically for the purchaser according to his/her specifications.  Custom images with unlimited exclusive usages are generally the most expensive, particularly if there is re-sell involved.  Businesses who do not want to use images that are seen elsewhere often opt for custom work and consider it money well spent.  Quality images that create a brand or sell a product or concept are often key to a company’s success.  Pinmyst provides custom work at competitive rates quoted based upon the end user’s unique circumstances.  We offer product photography, concept photography, company creative photography (such as brochures, newsletters, annual reports, websites, etc.) and headshots — pretty much any photography that a business would need.  Samples of our custom images can be found in our Images in Action.

Personal Photography

Although much of our initial focus has been on the commercial photography side, we have expanded our offerings to the personal realm.  We now offer group and individual portraiture as well as event photography.  The bottom line is that to us, photography is really all the same, a creative vision with different end purposes.  Take for example this stock photo:

It could have just as easily been a family photo.  The difference?  The people in the photo are not related.  They are models!

And this image could have easily been a portrait from the 1920’s.

The difference?  Oh, about 80 years.  The portrait was created in 2007!  Of course, this subject is also a model.  She had a lot of help from us getting ‘into period’, that is, help with her hair, make-up, wardrobe and props to convey the era.


As you can see from the images above, much of the stock photography we do incorporates people.  We are always on the lookout for potential models.  We make it a point to look for diversity in our models –  all ages, races, genders and sizes are considered.  Models must be willing to sign a model release (and if under 18, a parent or guardian must sign as well).  There is only one standard requirement and that is a nice smile.  Of course, it goes without saying that nice teeth are pretty important to that end.  Other than that, any hair or eye color, skin color, size, etc. has potential.  It’s all fair game!

Compensation varies and can range from TF to cash. TF is an industry acronym that means ‘Trade For’.  It indicates that our time will be offered in exchange for the model’s time and a signed model release.  It is often a very good way for a model to create or update his/her portfolio without spending hundreds of dollars in professional photographer fees.  The model receives the best images from the shoot with unlimited personal use.  Creating a strong and varied portfolio will make it that much easier to market yourself.  Your portfolio is your calling card.  Very often it is what makes the first impression to a potential client.  You’ll want professional images to convey that you are a professional.  Combining professional images with a professional attitude and work ethic will elevate you among your peers and competition.  Contact us today if you are interested.  Please attach a resume (if you have one), a description of yourself and a current picture.  If we are interested, we will be in touch.